Mission, Vision, Story


Mahalo Art Center hosts innovative artistic, educational and therapeutic programs for people interested in living more conscious, fulfilling and creative lives.  Mahalo Art Center provides retreats and professional trainings for leaders, teachers and healers who facilitate personal and communal wellness programs.  Our programs include explorations of ancient and modern nature-connected healing and expressive arts, including visual arts, dance, theatre, music and writing.  
Programs are offered by Mahalo Art Center staff as well as professionals who use Mahalo Art Center facilities. 


"Mahalo Art Center is an evolving creative, educational, therapeutic and community-building center made from the sheer love of life, energy, emotions, the inner wilderness and our human need to experience life fully on this sacred earth, and co-create healthy culture. 


The story of the place, the vision and the work of Mahalo Art Center began in about 2005.  My mother, Elizabeth Huyke de Beltrán, had just passed away. I was transported into wider realms. It was like a mirage; I kept seeing a temple in the field by the woods on the other side of the little stream running through this sacred land.  Then Saruah Benson, my sound healing mentor died. The vision persisted.  My new sound healing mentor, Zacciah Blackburn, told me that first I had to create the temple within me.  Once that work was completed, and with the guidance of spirit and gratitude for faith, courage and community involvement, the temple was begun and finally completed. But it is not about the temple. The temple exists to serve a quest for unity with the One that is All, and service to the Greatest Good. The story is long and full of miracles. It is a story of listening to what wants to happen.
On October of 2009 at 10:04am Mahalo Art Center became incorporated and as of November 18 of 2014 we have been a 501(c)3 non-profit. What has emerged is the embodiment of the spirit in action: Creating Reality from the Inside Out. Thank you all who participate in this work and support our following this calling to serve for the benefit of the future generations.