Mahalo Art Center hosts private retreats of several kinds for artists (musicians, dancers, visual artists, writers, poets, happening-creators, personalities, meditators, directors, peace-makers, etc.). You may use this sacred place for your own rejuvenating retreat, as intuitively led by you or your teacher.
You are also welcome to explore with Luz Elena Morey, Mahalo's Art Center's founder and director, regarding her professional support of your retreat. In these personal retreats, Luz Elena attends to you once per day, guiding you to more clearly and effectively align with your own integrity, clarity, authenticity and source of strength in a centered, grounded way.
Please call 802-451-9495 to book a retreat.
Alternately, you may make your own reservations of the temple for your own personal retreat by going through airbnb, however, please note that this Airbnb method does not include meals and showers and that the temple has no running water. No foods (with few exceptions) are allowed in the temple. Airbnb guests use the Colonial Spa for showers, hot  tubs, steam room, European sauna and use of a salt water pool. There are many eating options in Brattleboro. Again, the use facilities at Mahalo Art Center for your eating and showering convenience must be arranged in advance.
Thank you and blessings on your retreat :)