Using a variety of possible host sites, Luz Elena Morey, Mahalo's Art Center's founder and director, facilitates private retreats for artists (musicians, dancers, visual artists, writers, poets, happening-creators, personalities, meditators, directors, peace-makers, etc.).
The retreats clearly and effectively align with your own integrity, clarity, authenticity and source of strength in a centered, grounded way.
Please call 802-451-9495 or email to explore the possibility of booking a retreat.

One Possible Retreat:
Are you a serious lover of life and service? Are you on the path of wellness, love, harmony and beauty?
Participants in this retreat intensive will go into a place of deep, beautiful healing, experientially tapping into the pure light of our own evolving and majestic beings. We'll carefully touch into the depths of our lives and experience humble compassion for our own selves, as we loosen and unhook connections to unhealthy patterns.
This is gentle, respectful healing work.
We'll continue on the path of longing to be ever more conscious, compassionate and loving beings of service: relaxing and engaging in toning, sounding, music, movement, drawing, poetry, writing, drama and meditation, Earth-connecting and ceremony.
This is confidential work, done personally, and with the support of the group. You will need to provide your own housing and food.
This intensive is limited to 6 people and open by application only. $40 - $400 is the cost. Barters are welcome.
If you are interested, email or call 802-451-9495 for an application form.

More info about Luz Elena is here: