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Nature-based Expressive Arts Multicultural Programs and Residencies

Picture from residency at the    Mountain Road School      in New Lebanon, New York.   Work included participation with parents   and extended community members    . 

Picture from residency at the Mountain Road School in New Lebanon, New York. Work included participation with parents and extended community members

Luz Elena ... inspired my fourth grade class to explore creative outlets they seemed unaware of before … they became empowered. The final performance was beautiful. The children were extremely proud.
— Laura Tabachnick, Saxton's River Elementary School, VT
Luz Elena has a calm, joyful presence. My students LOVED having the chance to choose their own characters (from fiery lightning to the serene moon). Luz Elena also allowed the children to help craft many details of the production. Her approach gives children the chance to express themselves and feel ownership and investment in the end product.
— Laura White, 4th grade teacher, Green Street School, Vermont

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I think that the spirit of nature was really connecting with me.
— Child, Mountain Road School, NY
Thank you for ... your spirit filled presence and for ... launching us off to a good start this year. The children all loved being a part of your program. We hope you will come back!
— Kathleen Adams, Director Mountain Road School, NY