Inner Wisdom Therapy

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  • Through Inner Wisdom Therapy Luz Elena Morey, MA. RDT,  helps clients powerfully

She offers personal and group retreat intensives and private sessions specializing in releasing unhealthy patterns and trauma-related emotional/mental and behavioral blocks.  Luz Elena also leads professional development intensives to teach healers, therapists and coaches  to do some of this work.

Inner Wisdom Therapy  uses traditional and innovative techniques; expressive arts therapies, sound, rhythm, meridian tapping and energy work.  Inner Wisdom Therapy is an eco-psychological (nature-connected) approach to transpersonal psychotherapy.

Inner Wisdom Trauma Release Therapy, specifically, helps clients release PTSD symptoms as well as mental, emotional and behavioral habits that are not supportive of optimal health. Inner Wisdom Trauma Release Therapy combines techniques from TFT, EMDR, EFT and advanced meridian tapping perspectives.

Clients find this work highly effective, relatively fast, and more lasting than most other therapeutic techniques.  See quotes below.

In addition to work with therapeutic groups and private clients (in-person and by-phone), Luz Elena presents regularly at professional conferences and facilitates retreat intensives for leaders, healers and teachers.

A member of the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) and the  Associated Psychotherapists of Vermont (APOV) Luz Elena has a masters degree in transpersonal developmental psychology, over 25 years of training and experience with transpersonal drama therapy and sound healing, and decades of study with healers from North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

 Luz Elena is the author of the book, Romantic Attraction and the Longing for Bliss: Lust, Love, Obsession and the Quest for Wholeness, a look at romantic attraction from the perspectives of human development, evolution, spirituality, psychologically, biology and culture.  It is available through Mahalo Art Center for $40 plus shipping.  Luz Elena has also published a chapter in the recently released (2013) The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapywhich received a gold seal for literary excellence.  It is available through Amazon and Mahalo Art Center.  

In September, 2013, Luz Elena's life work is featured in the "Member Spotlight" of NADTA's "Behind the Scenes." 

Contact Luz Elena Morey at 802-451-9495
Therapeutic Fees: $100 
Sliding scales are sometimes available.


Luz Elena provided a leadership and control that gave me helpful answers and results. This type of directness and effectiveness is very uncommon in my experience.
Thank you. Wonderful. Whatever has been going on in my left hip/lower back area is so much better. It’s been 2-3 years of discomfort I’ve been trying to figure out. Miraculous.
To explore my inner realm with Luz Elena was such a delicate yet expansive experience. Her ability to hold a space of definitive trust allowed me to go deep into the experience. Her spontaneity in creative exploration provided me with a platform to embody this process in a way that cannot be duplicated though oral or meditative modalities.
I felt an immediate impact in a short session. It was faster than what I felt in three years of talk therapy. I was impressed by the immediacy of the search for the truth. You didn’t have to know about every moment of my life.
Luz Elena very respectfully encouraged my inner emotional journey and gently helped to facilitate an amazingly powerful energetic release that is truly indescribable. It has been a privilege to have her as my guide and teacher.
When I moved away from Southern Vermont, Luz Elena generously agreed to offer phone sessions for me. In the past, I’d done much better with in-person work, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the magical healing experience continued and was just as enjoyable via telephone. From the first time ... many miles apart from one another, to the most recent session: Thank You, Luz Elena!
Many of my thoughts, emotions and ways of acting were triggered by terrible memories. I often felt out of control. Luz Elena helped me release these hooks from the past in a few sessions. Now I feel more “me” and amazingly free and creative!
Luz Elena is at the same time grounded and expansive, humble and wise. Working with her is like walking between worlds... She brings her whole self to the healing process, creating a safe space to journey toward one’s own wholeness. Call it therapy, or call it spiritual practice - it is both.
Joy, Bliss, Awareness,
A New Beginning in the Journey of Life,
the end result of a session with Luz Elena
This work helped me express and liberate emotions that I needed to express. It was a liberating experience - new yet practical for daily use.
I entered into my session with Luz Elena seeking creative rejuvenation, and this was honored and fully met. She provided a place of refuge, a haven that I have kept within and drawn from weeks following the actual work. Luz Elena provided me with the perfect balance of freedom and structure, allowing me to draw upon my own creativity, supporting me with superb drumming and toning, and making gentle suggestions at crucial moments throughout the session. A wonderful experience!
Working with Luz Elena gave me a beautiful vision that I’ve used as a calming and centering tool.