Mayan Families with Sharon

Have you ever had a dream or calling?  What happened?  Here is a little info on Mayan Families - check out their web site for how it began ... 

Mayan Families is a very busy place.  On any given day, the dozens of employees are busy managing other dozens of volunteers who come from all over the world to help provide housing, clothing, shoes, food, live chickens, medical care, meals, pre-school care, ETC (it is a big "etc.")  Walking into their main compound, where we worked each day, there would most often be at least one hundred people busy with so many activities, or waiting to be attended to.  The place was always full of babies, toddlers and young children, adults and elders.  People with disabilities also receive care there.  There is also care for dogs and cats - it is truly unbelievable.  There is a full technical support ensemble and a photography crew  present and on-call constantly.  Mayan Families also gives people loans so they can start and run their own businesses.  It is really very beautiful.  I am only describing what I saw. There is so much more!  Please go to their web site ( for more information and please support their work.  You can sponsor a child and/or help in many other ways.  Here is a picture of Lucia and I on our last day with the founder, Sharon Smart-Poage, who is one of the shiniest and busiest people I've ever met!  Thank you Sharon, Jeaneth (our GREAT host !) and EVERYONE at Mayan Families!  May your path be open and full of clarity and an abundance of support always!