Departure Day

Getting ready to leave means, to the best of our abilities, creating beautiful closure with the beloved (and sometimes not so beloved) past.  Last week's Gathering in Gratitude Camp was one of the MOST BELOVED, empowering, difficult and GORGEOUS experiences of my life: hard to top, really.  Thank you ALL who participated and who came to presentations!  The "shows" were profound, full of the stories created by participants of all ages, with original music, drama and dances.  We worked all through a week-long heat wave!  It was like being in a sweat lodge for six days: giving thanks over and over again, praying for safety, goodness and fun, creating a future that feels free and authentic, for each and all of us, supporting each other and sweating the whole time except when we took cooling off breaks in the sacred waters.  There is a picture here of our time at the stream.


Edward in Stream GiG 2013 low res.jpg