Mahalo Art Center

We work in peaceful, inspiring, supportive and sacred ways with lovers of the Earth and healthy living.
We host wellness-centered educational programs, retreats, professional trainings, and collaborative work-study opportunities. 
We serve leaders, teachers, healers, visionaries, and people interested in living conscious, creative, and fulfilling lives, engaged with Nature as an ally. We welcome like-hearted people who work with us on programs or in the office while forwarding their own personal goals. Participants include people of varied ages, perspectives, and cultures.
We use ancient and modern Nature-connected healing and expressive arts (including music, dance, visual arts, word arts, and theater) that enhance connection with self, other, community, Nature, and the Great Mystery (God/Goodness/Goddess).
Essential Oils have entered our lives, to enhance every area of effectiveness. Please ask about this.

A new website
or a page on this website is being created with music and movement activities to support teachers and parents of babies, toddlers and young children. The site will give access to songs, dances, fingerplays and activities to support children’s soul-centered nature connected healthy development.

Mahalo, the Property

This website is for Mahalo Art Center, the organization, which is now based out of West Brattleboro, Vermont, one mile from Mahalo. Mahalo, the property, is located at 972 Western Avenue, West Brattleboro, VT 05301.

When Mahalo Art Center was first created, its activities and office were centered at a place called Mahalo. Mahalo is distinct from Mahalo Art Center. Mahalo is a sacred community on sanctified land in West Brattleboro. Mahalo still welcomes cultural creatives and healers. It hosts community-centered healing ceremonies, a variety of therapies, retreats, celebrations, etc. The community shares a gathering hall, a temple, community space and a chlorine-free hot tub. They provide Airbnb accommodations. To contact the folks who own, care-take and run Mahalo, please contact Soula and Jason at 802-380-9169.

Essential Oils
Thanks to these plant medicines, the founder and director of Mahalo Art Center is alive and well after a long illness.
The plants are here to commune with us and to help us evolve. Learn about methods of healing that involve low ecological footprints. Introductory essential oil classes are ongoing, informational, respectful (no pressure to buy anything) and may lead to great evolutionary shifts for the health and finances of you and your family.
Please email or call 802-451-9495 to set up a private class for you and/or for you and friends.

You may receive a guided retreat facilitated by Luz Elena Morey. Call 802-451-9495 for more information. You would do the retreat at a location of your choice in Brattleboro or in the Mahalo temple, availability permitting.

It is different - being in the woods.  Beyond the painted walls and ceilings we find a deep familiarity - home..JPG
The health of the Earth has come to depend upon the health of the human spirit, and while humanity has burgeoned numerically and attained vast powers technologically, the spiritual dimension of human life has disintegrated, resulting in a host of maladies and destructive consequences, individually and collectively. Now is the time for humanity to come together as one family and remember its source in the Eternal.
— Pir Zia Inayat Khan


This program helped me transform wounds into precious jewels.
— Grandfather Great Blue Heron, program participant
How can one not be grateful for the work Luz Elena shares with those who come ... gathering to reconnect and refuel with an inner wisdom, theme, or life question- and then to transform it. The Gathering in Gratitude serves as a focus for this artful expression. This ongoing event feeds not only the audience and participants, but all the world!
— Teresa Savel, Early Childhod Advocate

The word Mahalo, in the Hawaiian language, is commonly understood to mean "thank you."
In the ancient Hawaiian language, Mahalo is an act of creation. One says Mahalo before something happens.
For example, one could say, "Mahalo that this is a nurturing day for me and all with whom I interact." 
In this way, one is creating the future by calling it forth and being thankful for it before it happens.
The word Mahalo is based on ancient sounds that invoke the presence of the divine.

If you would like to support this work, please contact Luz Elena Morey.